Granite is elegant and durable,
the best of both worlds.

Granite is the most widely used natural stone for countertop applications. There are thousands of varieties of granite to choose from, ranging from dramatically veined exotics to timeless black. Most granite has a distinct crystal structure which results in unique patterns. Granite is available in different surface finishes: Polished, which is flat and glossy; Leathered (aka Satin or Antiqued), which is textured and matte; and Honed, which is flat and matte. Like snowflakes, no two slabs of granite are identical. Due to the vast variation between slabs, we strongly recommend selecting your specific slabs in person.

Granite is heat, stain and scratch resistant. In most cases a hot pan will not damage it; however, it’s still advisable to use a hot pad or trivet. It is easy to clean – soap and water are adequate, or you can use one of the many convenient spray cleaners made for natural stone. It is difficult to damage granite, but you should avoid exposing it to heavy chemicals such as oven cleaner, and if you cut directly on it you are likely to dull your knives. Your granite countertops will be treated with a sealer upon installation. The sealer acts as a layer of protection against stains, as well as enhances the depth of color. We recommend re-sealing your countertops once every year or two, depending on the variety and level of use. It’s a relatively
simple process – just pour on a liquid sealer and buff it off with a cloth as you go.