Ultra Compact

A Practical Solution

Dekton is the leading brand of Ultra Compact surfacing, and has several unique properties. Dekton is exceptionally thermally stable, meaning that you can use it outdoors without worrying about heat in the summer or ice in the winter – not to mention hot pans in the kitchen! Similarly, it is impervious to UV damage, so it will not fade or discolor in direct sunlight. It is extremely strong and scratch and stain resistant, and it does not require any maintenance such as sealing. Dekton consists of quartz, glass and porcelain and is produced using a high pressure method referred to as sintering.

There are so many different looks which can be achieved with Dekton, from textured industrial colors that recall aged metals, to extremely high gloss elegant marbled looks. It is not a “through body” product, and there are some fabrication considerations to be aware of when selecting Dekton for your home. We will be sure to discuss all the nuances with you when you visit us. As with Quartz, the selection process is simple due to the consistency of the slabs and samples. Our showroom has all the current Dekton colors on display.