Granite is elegant and durable, the best of both worlds.

There are thousands of varieties of granite to choose from, ranging from dramatically veined exotics to timeless solid black. Like snowflakes, no two slabs of granite are identical, and we ensure that our clients view the actual slabs we'll be fabricating before we begin.

Not many things are easier to live with than granite countertops. Granite is extremely heat, stain and scratch resistant. Don’t hesitate to put a hot pan directly on it, and you can throw out your cutting boards. But keep your knife sharpener handy! It is easy to clean – soap and water are adequate, or you can use one of the many convenient spray cleaners made for natural stone.

Your granite countertops will be treated with a sealer upon installation. Granite is extremely dense by nature, making it unlikely to stain in the first place; the sealer simply acts as another layer of protection. It also enhances the depth of color. We recommend re-sealing your countertops once every year or two, depending on use. It’s a simple and quick process – just pour on a liquid sealer and buff it off with a cloth.

Come visit us to begin your selection process, or get a head start by visiting a few of our suppliers online at these links:

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